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"Blueberry Muffins", the first single from the humorous a capella band The Liposuction Recipients, was released the very second after midnight, and so therefore was released before the Jay-Z video. Upon being told of this, Sigi reportedly said, "HA! Suck it!"


Album art for the single, featuring the "four" members of the group.

Wakey-wakey, rise and shine

It's a new day on this great big floating Jeep

And when you finally manage to get on some decent clothes

You find the thing you just got up to eat

(A-cause you gotta have)

Blueberry muffins, jump jitter and jive

Blueberry muffins, the only reason you'll stay alive

You just gotta have that muffinness

Fills up your tongue like nothing else

Blueberry muffins, screw that pumpkin pie

Just when I get out of bed

I feel that imminent sense of dread

Cause I haven't had my muffin yet

(Hey there buddy) Get it in your head!

(You gotta have)

Blueberry muffins, there on the pantry shelf

Blueberry muffins, if you can't have 'em, just kill yourself

Blueberry yumminess is all around

You'll drop your toothbrush on the ground

Blueberry muffins, who gives a damn about your health

You will know when the time is right

When to take a muffin and take a bite

Almost like an orgasm but not quite

(I think I'll have some) Muffins tonight!

(You gotta have)

Blueberry muffins, you know you're gonna feel alright

You know you're gonna feel alright

Have my muffins tonight!



Performers: Sigi, Simi, Sisi, and Sihi

Lyrics: Sifi90