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Get Your Pencil Ready was a play based on the Great Depression. It introduced problems which gained no answers and also showed shrewd randomness at any possible time.


Brent: Brent is the main character of the play. He is confronted with challenge after challenge-- giving the story a hint of mystery and horror. His life is the main aspect in the story.

Mom: Mom is the psycho parent hat has been loony ever since she didn't get the right pizza. She lives a life of innocence.

Lily Watson: Some hot-ass Chick that every boy wants to fuck.

Mr. Dipshit: Brent's teacher who practically ruins Brent's life.

Simon: Brent's best friend.

ACT 1, SCENE 1[edit]

Brent switches on the light. Low and behold, a book. He yells for his mother.


Mom: What is it, Johnny, I mean Sally, I mean-*sigh*-What is it?

Brent: A dead body! Look! AUGH!

Mom: That's not a body, Phil! It's a Book called...Uh...Seasons of Love. That sounds wonderful dear! You should try reading it! You silly boy you!

She pats his head and leaves. The book is really called DEATH, GORE, AND BLANKETS! by Kill U. There is a picture of a dead man on the cover. Brent whimpers and falls asleep.

ACT 1, SCENE 2[edit]

Clown: Brent! Wake up! The house is on fire!

Brent gets up and rubs his eyes. He is in his bed and smoke is filling the room.

Brent: What the hell? I was having a good dream you cuntface! Goddammit!

Clown: Follow me!

Brent: OK!

The clown leads him into a room full of balloons and presents and cake. His mother awaits him.

Mom: Happy Birthday, William!

Brent: Jesus Christ! My birthday isn't until July you fuckers! What the Hell is wrong with you!?! And my name is Brent, you Douche. And where the hell did you get that Fucking clown? Party City?

Mom: Come open your presents!

Brent: If you say my name, maybe I will.

Mom: Uhhhhh...fre-....KYLE!

Brent: No you stupid Bitch. I'll go back to sleep now.

Mom: Now it's time for the petting zoo!

Mom walks out into the backyard and the clown leaves. Brent goes back into his room and looks at the clock.

Brent: Six O'Clock! Jesus, I have to get ready for school!

Brent starts getting changed and packing his school equipment.

ACT 1, SCENE 3[edit]

Brent is outside waiting for the school bus. His friend Simon comes up and sits next to Brent on the bench.

Simon: How's your day going?

Brent: Fucking Horrible. My mom thought it was my birthday and hired a clown. What a little shit.

Simon: Well, I had a great breakfast. Oh, Yeah! I had a dream that I was fucking Lily Watson again.

Brent: You would never get her.

Simon: Neither would you, Bitch.

Brent immediately punches Simon in the face. Simon is on the ground, dead.

Brent: Oh, SHIT!

Brent pulls the body into a bush and sits back down. The school bus comes and picks up Brent.

ACT 2, SCENE 1[edit]

The ring in the show Get Your Pencil Ready.

Brent is asleep on his desk and wakes up. His teacher, Mr. Dipshit, was blabbing away about the discovery of air.

Mr. Dipshit: Now, Students, I will quiz you on what you have learned. Get out a piece of paper and a pencil, please.

The classroom turns into a boxing ring with all of the students in it.


The students look dumbfounded as pencils suddenly appear in their hands. People in the seats start cheering loudly

Speaker: 3, 2, 1, GO!

The students stare blankly around.

Fan: You're supposed to kill each other!

Student: AUGH!

Brent had stabbed him in the heart. This triggered everyone else. They stabbed, They scratched. They did everything you could do with a pencil. After 5 minutes of extreme horror, the Only student left is Brent, covered in blood.


The crowd cheers and Brent feels strong. But to ruin it all, Someone in the crowd shoots Brent.


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