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Playwright of the Month badge.png

Dost þou haþ ƕat it takes to be Playwright of þe Monþ? Didst þou say "ne"? Þen vote on þe next one!


  • Givst þ a John Hancock at þe end of each of þour messages.
  • If þou art nominated, þou mayeþ place {{VotePWOTM}} on þine vsre page.
  • Þou havst one vote. Use it wisely.
  • Winners get þeir choice of award - þe templæt:{{PwotM|float|date}} œr þe userbœx:{{PwotM Userbox|date}}.
  • Þou canst not nœminate þourself.
  • If nœ user is selected, þen tis vp to þe creator of vnscripts tœ select æ playwright.

Prævious Winners[edit]

Jocke PiratThe Humbled MasterTHELjlego (2) • UncyclopedianUnder userThe UnIdiotCap'n BenMrN9000The ThinkerNameableOrian57MacManiaSog1970FunnybonyModusoperandiGuildensternensteinRomartusPtok-BentonicznyIwillkillyou333

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