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These poems are all about plunging back into childhood, a book for anyone, any age. They are each written by a poetess we all know and love (hopefully), P. T. Cruiser.

Parkerwocky Embrace[edit]

Planey Parkerwocky,

Don't be so repa,

You're an aneepa,

Priney escandeando,

E-a-a, e-a-a, e-a-a

Pillows in the Corner[edit]

There are pillows in the corner,

Checked with purple and green,

The most beautiful pillows,

Ever seen.

There are pillows in the corner,

Sitting on the bed,

The blanket is grey,

The colour of lead.

There are pillows in the corner,

With flowers in between,

The edges of the pillows,

And the spaces of green.

Beside more pillows,

Those are blue,

Those are very plain,

Yes, it's true.

On top of more pillows,

Those are more plain,

The colour of a pond,

After rain.

There are pillows in the corner,

Lighting up the darking lot,

And they look,

Like a Parking Lot.

The Parkerwocky[edit]

The ParkerWock has a desire,

For light bulbs and electric wire,

And Smurfs and snakes upon a plane,

He lets his prey go down the drain.

Playground Rhyme[edit]

How many days have the Smurfs to play? Seven days have they to play,

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

The Plunkeroo[edit]

The Plunkeroo is a mighty beast,

Able to tuck into a feast,

Left for him and him alone,

Fruit and meat without a bone.

The Plunkeroo has an appetite,

For Airplane peanuts and bulbs of light,

He also eats the window pane,

If he does not it makes him insane.

If he is insane, the Plunkeroo,

Must be locked inside a zoo,

He will not like it, and will escape,

The keeper's mouth he will Sellotape.

The keeper will scream out "Oh lack!"

And walk up or down the Plunkeroo's track,

He will lure him with a feast,

For the Plunkeroo, a mighty beast.


We're having a picnic, we're having a picnic,

With salad and pie, and cherry buns,

Peas and egg, and players too,

Pudding, Pilaf and puffs of dough, we're having a picnic - let's go!

We will invoke the demon spirit, our perfect Yogi Bear.

Who is best known, for conspiring with the Smurfs.

We will pack the picnic basket, our parents will drive the car.

We will be very bored, for a picnic is so boring.

Just like on the video game, Sim Picnic.

We will have a picnic, we will have a picnic - let's go!

A Magic Person[edit]

There is a magic person,

Who can fly out to me,

When I am having problems,

He will always see.

The person will look,

Down from his tree,

And where he lives,

Is the place to be.

He is a magic person,

And I am his friend,

He will be magical,

Until the end.