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For the inventor of kitten huffing, see This Guy.

Norbert Percy Tangleknickers is a song about the wonderful inventor of kitten huffing, This Guy. It was originally written by Oscar Wilde and performed / recorded by Mark Twain and Your Mom. The tune and some words were later stolen by The Beatles for their White Album.

The song goes as follows:

Norbert Percy Tangleknickers
Called himself "This Guy"
Enjoyed huffing little kittens
So he could get high
Note the bugged out eyes
All the poor defenseless kitties
Run away in fright
Because soon they will be in a
Rather nasty plight
Huffing left and right
At the party he had no balloon
So he had to huff his cat!
He chose his name, the poor old twat,
'Cause he couldn't stand the word that!
Everywhere there's Norbert Percies
Taking kitty lives
You are sure to lose your dinner
Like This Guy lost his wives
Wasting his whole life

The song takes its title from This Guy's birth name but no one really gives a shit about that because it's not OMGWTFLOLROFLMFAO or other true literature.