UnPoetia:In Rangoon at the stroke of noon

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In Rangoon at the stroke of noon, they type penispenispenis and run,

But mad dogs and Adminses huff to have their fun.

In a Belgian town where the sun beats down they’ll revert til the sun goes down,

And Euroipods will be featured and hardly raise a frown.

In Singapore kids of four will upload Goatse pics with glee,

And perma-bans will stalk the lands from now til half past three.

Thoughts of France piss off the yanks, freedom fries with that?

In the afternoon the ladies swoon at the amount of submitted crap.

Through murky swamps where Cthulhu romps to the top of the highest hill,

We stand united, Uncyclopedians, editing and reverting is our thrill.