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Okay, so I lied. These aren't your first steps these are your second steps, and you've basically know as much as I know about Unix, so these are in fact the last steps you're taking. And thus this will be the end of this tutorial. You probably don't want to stick around with Unix so I'll show you how to get your Windows back:

Getting Back Windows[edit]

  1. Buy MS-DOS 6, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP Home. Buy Windows XP professional additionally if you wish to have that.
  2. Wipe your entire hard drive of all your oh so hard, painstaking work with scripting I'm sure you've done since the last tutorial. Don't worry about your wasted hours in front of that phosphor monitor. The pain will eventually go away.
  3. Continue waiting in hopes that that ebay seller didn't rip you off. If you got your package, proceed to step 5. If you didn't, proceed to step 4.
  4. Contact ebay about the seller. Make sure to have a good lawyer. If you happen to win the case proceed to step 1.
  5. Install the mentioned products in the order that they appear. This is why people don't install Operating Systems unless they are IT experts because you can't properly upgrade without going through these steps.
  6. Reboot into your old machine, minus all your hard work on your porn collection, unless you backed it up.


I hope that you liked this tutorial even though it was a total waste of your time. I'm guessing you want that 6-8 weeks of your life back that I stole from you so you could learn scripting. Oh well. Your loss for following the instrcutions of an idiot. Ha ha ha.