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The novel James Brown's Chicken Soup for the Soul is also available in paperback.

James Brown's
Chicken Soup for the Soul

James Brown's Chicken Soup for the Soul is a collection of short stories, poems, and passages designed to inspire and uplift readers the world over. Specifically, the collection is geared towards readers seeking "soul," and also those who wish to become "super bad." Unfortunately, the works herein were compiled late in James Brown's life, long after his days of intelligible speech.

Why James gon' hurt that woman baby? James writin' a book baby, James aint got time for that lady!


Come on baby you know James Brown got the whole deal mama! Got the brand new bag baby, everybody loves James! King a Soul, they come see me they love the show cause they know who the bad man is. They love it, they love papa's bag baby, brand new!

James Brown loves the people too, yes, yes he does. I say, always kindly say that the people, they the reason for James! James Brown got the sexy, but James Brown already know all that baby, gotta have someone to put the sexy to. To put it to! Yeah, James loves the people, ladies, James love y'all. And the lil babies. James know you got the POWER! HOO! WHO GOT THE POWER! UHNH! AH! That's the SOUL! That's the power baby, that's were you look, if you want to find that power.

Some people think, well, James too sexy, how he helpin' me? How is James daddy helpin' ME? I tell ya, tell ya right dan' now: I tell you what bout the Soul. You need it-AH! You want it-AH! I got it-AH! And mama you know James givin' it to YAH!!

Chapter 1: When Life's Got You Down

Lemme tell you what. Lemme tell ya now, life ain't always sweet for James. Noooo. It's been good cause James make it good, but that aint always been the whole story. They wanna keep ya down, out there in the streets baby they wanna take what ya got! What you work for, come on now you know James hardest workin' man in entertainment, they tryin' ta take all that! But you know, what ya got to do! Is get on the good foot! GET ON THE GOOD FOOT! Its plain to see, you don't gotta worry bout your troubles, they troublin', troublin' ya all day if ya worry bout 'it! Get loose baby, that the true meanin' of Soul Power!

'Nother thing you do, when ya get it bad, lucky gone dry an' all that, gotta get up offa that thang! Shake it. You feel betta. James know, cause when the band be playin' and James put up the hand go ONE! AH! TWO! AH! THREE! WOO! And the band make it funky! Thats how ya do it, thats how ya get up offa that thang. Ya feel betta baby, James don't lie.

Groove Up Yo' Step: A Haiku

All you got to do
is groove up yo' step, baby.
Make it super bad.

No can't make the one piece work for ya like James baby. Can't no man work it like James BABY!!

Courage Under Fire

One day baby done left my house. She try to say James aint treatin' her right. James always treat you right! James too beautiful, everybody loves James Brown bay-bayyy!! No, she wanna get all crazy, huffin' and puffin' all up in James pretty face. I say "Momma, you gotta step on BACK-AH!!" So she wanna take James up to the court house.

Judge say "James why you so hard to the woman?" What could James say to that?! James always sweet to the lady, James love everybody, good to everybody. I got up to the judge and I say "Judge, you got the wrong man baby! This James Brown hardest workin' man in entertainment, you can't hold back this fire! That the fire of the soul, can't touch that fire brotha, can't touch it!" He put James in the jail, what James do? Jump up, get down, rock that jail house 'round!

Chapter 2: Loving You for You

I just take it easy, I look sexy, baby I feel sexy, I'm...sexy baby, you know. And one time I's out in the backyard there, and we sees...uh, a man were comin'...uh, he's a-comin' to take the house away. And I just, I just says you gotta feel good baby, cause it's nothin ain't no big deal there. You...you know...cause I FEEL GOOD!...I knew that I WOULD NAH!...an' jus' keep it sexy , brotha.

Good Lovin'

You gotta know, James gonna give ya good lovin', you know. James don't want y'all sad nah, nobody gotta worry, 'cause it's Soul Brotha Numba One here y'all. I FEEL GOOD! Ain't no woman gonna bring me down, ain't no...'cause IT'S A MAAAN'S WORLD!'

But yep, yep there do comes a time when ya gotta get down on his knees for the woman. Gotta say "WOMAN! James on his KNEE-EEE-EEES FUYAH!" Then ya gotta say "WOOOOOOOO BAY-BAY-AY-AY-AYYYY!!!" and let that love flow! Ooh, thas good. Yea, thas good baby. Hoo, James need a cigarette..

Soul: A Poem About Soul

Lordy lordy lordy, gotta have soul baby
You know it's day in day out with soul
Gotta be smart, stay smart, look smart, an' have soul baby

Lordy lordy lordy, soul

James has a dream-AH! That one day this nation gon' rise up-AH! And live out da true meaning of its creed-AH!: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created FUNKAY!!" WOOOO!!!

I stays sexy ya'll, soul
James (soul) Brown
Lovin' it

Soul baby, Soul

Chapter 3: Overcoming the Opposition

James did the drug. James Brown aint gon' lie about that baby, it happened, James know it happened. Can't change the past, only change the present baby. That's where you live at baby, it help ya. It-AH! HELP-AH! YA...AH! And ya know what it is then brotha, I'll tell ya exactly how it go. It help the future BABY! The present help the future. Can't take back the drug suga, only help the future for the chil'ren, help the brain, get the smart up in HEYA!

I tell ya, lemme tell ya now, its ser'us. James was on the smack, the crack, the white the black, the jack the shack AND the don't look back mama. Why would James lie to ya? You aint gotta worry 'bout that people, James only tell the truth. Everybody love James.

Everybody Love James: Everybody Love James

Everybody love James, Everybody love James
Everybody love James
Everybody love James, Everybody love James
Everybody love James (Everybody love James)




James. Everybody love him.

Chapter 4: Having A Little, and Making A Lot, Out Of What Little, You Think You Got

James done been made big. They take James, the small town boy, from the small town family, from the small town, and make a life fah James. Ain't no problems, cause James feel good, all the time. But life wan't always good fo' James. James wan't born numbah one, wan't born SEX-AY! James haddah take life by tha horns, and-AH PULL! Cause you ain't got nothin!....if you don't want somethin!

Woo! This book writin' business is tirin' stuff. James gotta take a rest now baby. But don't worry, he'll be seein ya real soon nah.

Back when James a boy, James live in the ghetto, back wit his family...back in, back..back in the day, with ah twenty brothas and-ah sistahs! And ain't no money fo' James and his family. Things lookin' ah bleak. Then one day, James get into the doo-wop a doo-bop, and before yah knows it, shang bopah-bip bop! SOOOUUUL BAH-RUTHAAAA, AH-NUMBAH ONE! An' look at James now. Soul Brotha Numbah One, always! And-ah moral ah the story is, ladysngents. You can do it, baby... but not without THESE-AH! THESE HIPS-AH!! YEAH BABY!!!

In Closing

James hope dis book done help ya witcha life. Nah, James don't hope cause James know! James know you got the good, James know you got the right. So when you wanna dance, an' you wanna get DOWN-AH, all ya gotsta do is look me up, mama. James got it. Oh you know James got it.

An' James got it for all yall, America! This fa you George Washin'ton! This fa you, Grova Clevelan! THIS FA YOU, ISAAC NEWTON!

An' everybody else James forgot ta mention, this for yall too. Love ya baby, be beautiful.

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