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You get to school just after 12. Looks like your shortcut wasn't so short after all.

"Oh well," you say to yourself, "Looks like I'm just in time for recess anyway."

You make your way over to the basketball court, where you are just in time to get picked last for the game.

"Whoa! It's a little weird getting picked last like this. It's not something I'm used to." you tell the rest of your friends.

"Yeah, well Bobby isn't here today, so we needed an extra player. Just try to stay out of the way you spaz," your best friend Tony explains.

The game is a rousing good time. Actually getting to play the game is such a rush in comparison to your normal job of towel holder, you think to yourself. Sure you haven't gotten to touch the ball yet, but its the principle of the matter that counts. In fact, you think to yourself, I haven't had...

"Catch!" the class's lone Moor, Zach, yells to you.

You are too lost in thought about how much fun the game is to notice him pass you the ball. It bounces off your chest (which may or may not hurt, depending on your sex), and across the street into Old Mister McHiggins' yard.

"Argh, way to go you fuck!" Tony yells over to you. "I knew we should have let the Albino kid play instead of this little twerp."

"Don't worry fellas! I'll get the ball back," you tell them.

"Dude, you gotta be really stupid, or really crazy to go over to McHiggins' yard," your neighbor Tina says to you. "You know the stories they say about him; about what he does to kids."

Maybe she's right. It might be crazy to go get that ball. Still what will your friends think of you if you don't. You're getting the feeling like you are really starting to grow on them. What should you do?

Save the game, get the ball Save your ass, fuck the game