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"I'm not scared of any old creep. Don't worry about me fellas, I won't get hurt," you say to your friends.

Unfortunately, in the time it took for you to actually make up your mind on this one, recess ended, and everybody went back inside. I guess now you don't really have a good reason to go get the ball, but your mind was made up, dammit. You're doing this.

You walk across the street, and into Old Mister McHiggins' yard, picking up the ball. Just then you hear an alarm go off. Apparently, you hit a trip wire when you came onto his property. Old Mister McHiggins walks out of his house, cane in hand.

"Now, what are you doing on my property...little child?" he asks you.

"Uh..." you stutter, "I, I was just getting our basketball, Mister McHiggins, sir."

"Well, looks like you made it all the way across the street alright, good to see none of your body parts got injured in the trip." He says creepily. "Well, kid, since you made it all the way over here, why don't you come inside. I got one of those big 'ole suckers you can suck on in here- you might like that a lot- and I can tell you all about how we used to treat our elders in my day."

Hmmm, you think. You did miss lunch when you took that stupid shortcut, and a sucker might be just the thing to fill you up. Then again, if you do go inside he's bound to do something to you that you don't like. Oh, man, the choices.

Lets go get that sucker! Lets not be an idiot!