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It was very uncomfortable.

You walk into Old Man McHiggins' house expectantly. Your mouth starts to water as you think of that big, fat, juicy sucker.

"Here you go kid," McHiggins says as he gives you the sucker.

"Thank you sir," you reply kindly back.

McHiggins just nods and smiles back to you as he heads into the living room. You follow him in, and sit on his extremely uncomfortable pea-green couch. "Now when I was a boy, we used to treat our elders much differently then you kids treat us nowadays, yes indeed," McHiggins starts. "I remember the day my father came back from the great war. Those were the days. I was but a boy then. Maybe five or six. But I remember that day like it was yesterday. I woke up in my bed (which had mysteriously become a tent during the night) around 7 or so. It was a weekend, so I was able to sleep late. I took the sheets off....."

You wake up 4 hours later, confused and drowsy. It seems the old man's story was boring enough to put both of you to sleep. McHiggins lay, mouth open, glasses askew, and drooling in his chair. Poor guy even wet himself and had unhooked his heart monitor. It's also kind of weird that he sleeps with his eyes open. Regardless, you decide to leave the old man to his slumber. School is over anyway, so you might as well head home.

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