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You looked something like this. Only a little younger. And not wearing running clothes. And more ugly. And possibly of a different gender. And Race. And your cheekbones are totally higher than his.

Those bunnies are really hauling around here. You have to run full speed just to keep up with them. Whoever taught them to drive that thing really deserves all the credit though. They are zooming to and fro, in between cars on their way to the park. It's actually quite an impressive talent. Within a minute or two you make it to the park, running all out to keep up. And, if anything, it seems their driving is even more skillful on the dirt course of the park. They whip around turns, drifting to perfection, and kicking dust into face wherever you go.

Before long the bunnies have all but lost you. You slow down to a walk, catching your breath. You can see their dirt trail in the distance, so if you really want to follow them and see if they slow down, you could probably do that. Just as you are about to run after them again, you hear voices arguing behind the bushes to your right. The conversation seems pretty heated. Now you're curious about why these people are arguing in a secluded spot in the park; but then again, what could possibly be more interesting than bunnies driving a car? So, what do you want to snoop on?

Keep after those bunnies! Keep up your eavesdropping!