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If there is one thing you know about yourself, its that you don't give up. It's your best and worst quality. You run for a few minutes in the direction the bunnies were going, but you can't really tell where they went. You wander in a secluded portion of the park, and run into an elder vagabond laying on the ground. Upon seeing you he hops up, and walks in your direction.

"So, I see you happen to be carrying a delicious apple with you, could I get that?" he asks you.

As it so happens, you do happen to be carrying a delicious Red Delicious in your hand. Sure it hasn't been mentioned before, but who's fault is that? Next time, look in your hands before you run after bunnies. You are in no way hungry at this point in time, so it seems pointless to not give the old man a meal. Still, you don't really like helping the elderly. So, do you poison the apple?

Hells Yeah! Killin' Hobos! WHAT?! NO WAY!