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♫♩I got my lay-bay-day. Into-my-freedom. Lay-bay-day.♫♩ This isn't a map to the future, but to the present. I've got a present for you: it's called frankness. There are 20 things in the universe that are responsible for everything. Some are good, some are bad, and some are translating for everything together.

I am trying to be this way, billboard buds. These people bring actions to an end. They answer questions for ME. They tell me why I'm here. Why we can't communicate. And why this room is misty. I’ve been down that road before! Billboard buds — celoso buds — I  L I V E  I N
T H A T  P L A C E  Is there understanding THERE? And is that cool face. He was born twice: once into the world and once again into your arms.

Dear eyes, these goggles do nothing for you. Like a dead record, you're dead eyes! I mean, my professor was giving a lecture, but then he suddenly turned around and began chewing him out, bro! Seduction is a myth, bro! "Huh, Loader?" (Loader is the name of my dog.) He still wasn't exactly pretender-face, but still pretty good!

WORDS SUCK. Can they even BE French? For example, Jean walked up to a counter and began talking to the clerk in French. She acted surprised, and turned partly around, stuttering, "I'm -- sorry -- I don't," but he kept talking, getting louder, and acting angry. He then grabbed her, raising his fist and inhaling in anger. He then understood his mistake, turning away and touching his temple.

And when we fought the war with Asia, we almost lost. They built a canal that almost reached our capital, and we lost the war in our hearts. But we defeated them. “We don’t want to destroy things,” said our president. “We just want to win the war.” But it's much more difficult to fight on 19 dimensions than 11 than 11, and the predictive ability of choosing 50 moves ahead made us up to this task.

The House of All

I am going to represent something to you, bud. And let go of my hand, Loader. Goodbye everyone. Goodbye blue skies, empty streets, and open doors. //< < //goodbye// > >//

November, November. Where is November?

November yes, November no.

Exist yes, exist no.