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This Page Should Not Be Displayed is a horrific shock site that still exists in its original form to this date. Numerous individuals have attempted to take legal action against the site, however none of the lawsuits have been effective.

Early History

"This Page Should Not Be Displayed" made its first appearance as a page in a children's book in the early 1940's. The book business in question was being disassembled due to the numerous children's books being released with sexual innuendos, such as "The Mysterious, Deep, Deep Hole", "The Jiggly Bounceys", and particularly "Penis Penis Penis Penis Ass Ass Fuck." As a way of going out "in style", the company released one last children's book called "This Book Certainly does NOT contain any Sexual Innuendos." The book contained a series of shock images, concluding with the most shocking image of them all, "This Page Cannot Be Displayed." Parents all around the world were outraged at these shocking images being contained within a children's book, and the book publishing company in question was promptly disbanded. All copies of the book were destroyed.

The Image Resurfaces

The first internet system was invented by Al Gore (who was six years old at the time) in the 1980's, and consisted of three interconnected computers. Soon, the staff of the army base had created the first 45 websites in world history. Roughly half of them were pornographic. The military base's janitor, Jed Parkins, was often bullied by his colleagues and was now desperate to find a way to get revenge. He first created a spyware page, but soon found that it wasn't enough for him. He wanted to cause his enemies actual anguish. So, he uploaded what has become notorious as the most sickening, disturbing, and downright horrific shock page ever unleashed on the internet: "This Page Cannot Be Displayed." It was almost exactly identical to the original "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" featured in the children's book.

An Internet Phenomenon

Soon, the internet had spread around the world as a revolution in communication. As the internet grew in size, so did the instances of linking people to "This Page Cannot Be Displayed." Soon, linking enemies to "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" had become an internet phenomenon. In 2000, This Page Cannot Be Displayed was viewed more times than Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia combined.

After several months, many big businesses began to take notice of the shock site's popularity, and realized that shock sites, especially ones as popular as "This Page Cannot Be Displayed", posed an unprecedented opportunity for advertising through product placement. The first company to attempt this was Kay Jewelry. They created the original Goa Tse website, featuring an image of a man stretching his anus to roughly the size of a large frizbee. The man was wearing a ring from Kay Jewelry on his left hand. Sales of Kay rings increased by 75% that year. Inspired by Kay, Smith Plumbing, a popular plumbing company, created, a site featuring an image of an Asian woman...doing something extremely nasty in a Smith bathtub. Sales of Smith tubs increased by 85% over the next fiscal year. The popularity of the "tubgirl" shock site grew so rapidly that it sparked the formation of a similar shock site, "tubgrill," which shows an American barbaque grill in a bathtub, squirting gasoline in an arc. The site became extremely popular, until 2005, when it was realized that there was absolutely nothing shocking about a picture of a grill, and the site was promptly taken down.

Effects on other shock sites

"This Page Should Not Be Displayed" is such an unimaginably disgusting website, it greatly diminishes the shocking effects of all other shock sites. In one study, people were shown This Page Should Not Be Displayed, followed by Goa Tse. All of them screamed, and several vomited, when shown This Page Should Not Be Displayed. Afterwards, when the screen was switched to Goa Tse, most of them sighed and said "ah...Some dude turning his ass inside out...Now THIS I can handle." Actually, Goa Tse seems so tame compared to This Page Cannot Be Displayed that most parental associations consider it to be a perfectly family-friendly site. Some primary schools consider Goa Tse so tame they have made it their homepage.

In Recent Years

Last year, in one of the worst acts of online hacking ever successfully pulled off, a hacker made it so ANY time somebody typed in an invalid web adress, they would be instantly redirected to the awful shock site "This Page Cannot Be Displayed." The act was pulled off so brilliantly that internet specialists have STILL not figured out how to remedy the situation. This horrific act has caused at least 600 documented cases of shock-related head trauma.

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