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Conversation moved from User talk:Fangadavenstormvind

Hello and welcome! I've moved your new article to the name shown above, because we capitalize surnames around here. Regarding your Edit Summary, "I am bored and think I am funny." the thing is not that you think you are funny but that you can write so other people think it is funny; see HTBFANJS. I think you are a good writer with a wide palette of ideas. What is missing is to make your rendition relate to things in reality. So keep working! Also, add pix and links! Cheers! Spıke 🎙️17:07 22-Apr-22

You've gotten Sog1970 interested so you're in for a treat. And I dropped in a photo (that resides at Wikipedia) and made a connection to "Walking on Broken Glass". You need to cover her real career, and look! she's a Social Activist and they always have things to make fun of. Needs a section entitled "Sweet Dreams". Spıke 🎙️20:48 22-Apr-22

Gut and paste[edit]

Romartus felt the need to explain Lennox's evolution into terrorism. But appending this to the penultimate section muddied my paragraph (which charged Lennox with hypocrisy). The more we expand the article to document Lennox's actual biography, the more the dishwasher explosion will be a funny but separable part. So I moved Romartus's text to the start of that section.

Separately, the paragraph has a credibility problem that isn't funny and gets in the way of funny: Laundromats don't have dishwashers! At the risk of spoiling author's concept, I moved the attack to a take-out taco joint. Spıke 🎙️00:40 30-May-22