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“May I remind you that we are in a public toilet!!!!!!

~ Librarians on Ssshhh.

“Did you mean sandpaper?”

~ Microsoft Spell Check, on Ssshhh

Suzy wants you to shut up, you noisy bastard.

The act of ssshhhing is usually used to tell someone to shut the FUCK up, this act involves placing the penis over one's lips, pursing the lips - leaving a slight gap between them and blowing air between one's teeth making an almost hissing sound.

There are several kinds of practical ssshhhes; the sexy, the angry, the frightened and haughty ssshhh are the most common of these ssshhhes.


Two things may happen when hearing a ssshhh. Either the person being Ssshhhed at will shut the crap up and sit his buttocks down, or he will confuse the sound of Ssshhh with the sound of water coming out of the faucet and pee himself. A reported case showed that a certain Kansas City boy would go insane when Ssshhhed. He hated that noise and tore the hearts out of 4 different people, leaving a bloody mess that the Ssshhher had to clean up.

Evoulution of the Ssshhh[edit]

The first Ssshhh existed since the the dawn of time. That Ssshhh was a friendly Ssshhh, it eventually found and married another Ssshhh, then it got flushed down the toilet. Since then the Ssshhh has multiplied into various forms of Ssshhhs. The kinds of Ssshhhs vary from the sexy Ssshhh, to the downright stupid Ssshhh. Leading scientists now think the Ssshhh will eventually evolve into a new kind of swear.

What is a Ssshhh?[edit]

A Ssshhh is what we say to stupid annoying people to say SHUIT THE CRAP UP!!!! in the nicest way possible :)

Am I a Ssshhh?[edit]

First of all, I feel very very sorry for you, because if you are asking this question, you apparently don't know what you are, which is very sad. Second, if the sight of your own reflection makes you want to barf, then you're a Ssshhh.

What does a Ssshhh look like?[edit]

A Ssshhh looks like an floating blue ant. If you can't see Ssshhhs, you must be a giraffe. If you are a giraffe, hope you don't hear a Ssshhh, because if you do your buttocks will explode.


How do I defeat a Ssshhh?[edit]

SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN TILL YOU CANT HEAR IT! itll get bored and go away to have buttsecks with pope benedict.