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Some is something that some people need to get. Some is often times an object that people desire a some what but are some how unable to obtain, and thus sometimes times has them exclaiming that "I need to get some."

What is Some[edit]

Some philosophers have posed some questions on what some things some could be. Some of these things that some could be are posted on some list that some people will find annoying, but I so very like some-what:

  • Not this list
  • Nor this entry
  • Contact with a member of the opposite sex
  • Contact with anyone
  • Something that is very naughty and shouldn't be talked about at all
  • Diry, hardcore, rotten sex

However, some philosophers like Hobbes, who's written some of the best articles on some things of some interest feel that some is obtainable only if some of the people who want some give some to some of the other people also in need of some.

How to get Some[edit]

Since it is not usually (i.e; only sometimes) understood what some, exactly, is, it is some what difficult to explain some of the methods on how to get some.

Getting some may involve some strange activities, some obsene things or some illegal activities. Exclaiming that you 'need some' will often get you nowhere at all, as opposed to somewhere. However, asking for some in some different fashion may get you some in a some-what more successful manner.

Some problems with some[edit]

The problems with some is that some is such a common word that sometimes some people who go into some establishments on a some-what regular basis to do something will not know which some you are talking about. Some is some-what of some word for a female dog about that quality of some.

Some Famous People Who Have Not Gotten Some[edit]

Some famouse people to some not-so-famous people have not gotten some. Here's a list of some of them:

Some People Who Have Gotten Some[edit]

Some People Who Are Some[edit]

  • P. Danforth Some


Some is the basis for humanity. Some of humanity strongly desires some and some large amount of some, while some others have a to some degree, less than others. However, it can be agreed upon by some that some is not yet defined, but some how we all have some understand to what some of some may be.