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MasochisticTeen is a psychic disorder suffered by some humans and, more rarely, by those they encounter in so-called society during what social scientists call social interaction. Often enough it is encountered by men trying to impress women.

Normal people are able to interact with others at subliminal and tonal levels without manifesting any personality, but those suffering from personality can't help stamping such interactions with something known as individuality. People with personality are thought to possess beliefs, and when exhibiting individuality, are thought to believe that they are unique, notwithstanding the fact that there are at least 3,000,000,000 other people on earth who are just like them.

Empirically, personality cannot be verified, and so, in order to explain it, scientists have come up with the idea that personality results from a mutation that occurred over 50,000 years ago. The evidence for this is that, when compared with most other animals, humans are almost the only creatures that possess personality, though it has been known to cross-infect domestic animals.

Personality is falsifiable in that it is not possible to manifest it when one is alone. (When one is alone, however, there cannot be anyone around to verify this hypothesis.) It has been reported by several observers (or rather non-observers) that those with personality frequenty suffer from withdrawal symptoms when alone. When this happens, it is known as loneliness.

Over 24.7% of humans suffer from this venerable disease.

Radical theorists have presented a counter-theory, namely that whilst conceding that personality is obviously dysfunctional, it nevertheless has a purpose, namely to hide who you really are from those you might encounter in your movements along or over the earth's surface.

Rather than accepting the reality of existence, radicalists state that, real life is a matter of how accomplished one is at pretending, and personality, when it has become habituated, can give the impression of being real, even though it is not.


There is no known cure for those suffering from personality, although various attempts are made by society at large to stymy it. People whose personality has been stymied in this way are said, ironically, to be suffering from a personality disorder, which is short for personality disorder disorder.

Coming out[edit]

Several people with personality have come out in recent years, and are known as famous personalities. These courageous souls are often rewarded highly for their courage, and attempt to charge the rest of us money to see or hear manifestations of their personality.

Famous personalities include:

  • Wayne
  • Seph
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel

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