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Police ascii sketch of Peer

Peer is this annoying guy who hangs out on IRC. He has connections with the Masters of the Internet so his name is always hidden from the user lists in channels. When someone least expects it, Peer jumps out and resets their connections. An example of such a happening:

<wacky> bob did you see my link?
<Bob> heh
<Bob> yes
<wacky> heh
* AgentSpork` Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

Needless to say Peer is fairly unpopular among IRC users, but because of his power, no one speaks out against him. However sometimes Peer can be very helpful. An example:

<h4x0rj4ck> 1 w1ll h4x0r j00!
<DiverDan> yeah k whatever
<h4x0rj4ck> wh4t 1s j00r ip adrses???!?!11
<DiverDan> press that little 'X' in the upper right of your screen to find out
<h4x0rj4ck> h4ha j00 w1ll b3 0wnz0red!!
* h4x0rj4ck Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

In this example, Peer just saved naive DiverDan from a potential hacking attempt by an experienced hacker. Good work Peer!

While he may appear to disconnect users indiscriminately, he is just doing his job. So please remember to admire and respect Peer, and stand clear while he bans abusers from the internet.

Contacting Peer

Peer cannot be messaged by normal means. For example typing "/msg Peer yo what's up?" will result in error when IRC pretends Peer doesn't exist. Instead you must use the /quit command to contact peer. Example usage: "/quit Peer hey buddy what's happening?"

Another, unconfirmed, way to contact Peer is using the keycombination ALT-F4

Who Is Peer?

Peer No such nick/channel


P2P or Peer To Peer is a slang term used on IRC to mock a user who is especially abused by Peer (it means he keeps going to Peer even though Peer is actually coming to him). An example:

* ProducePete Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* ProducePete has joined #hehe
* ProducePete Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* ProducePete has joined #hehe
* ProducePete Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* ProducePete has joined #hehe
<4rni3> you're going from p2p haha
<ProducePete> stfu
* ProducePete Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

Outside Of The Internet

Peer rarely leaves his place on IRC. However the few times he does, he wreaks havoc in the real world. He is the main reason why kids smoke pot and drink alcohol. He puts the children under what scientists call Peer Pressure, which is the emotional pressure from Peer to be cool. However since Peer rarely leaves the internet, very few children have had to experience Peer Pressure and even fewer do drugs.

Etymological Misunderstandings

  • Peer is not short for Peter
  • Peering, as in "I was peering into her bathroom window," should be thought of as pee-ring and not as peer-ing (which is not a word)
  • Peer is not a fruit
  • In Soviet Russia, Peer gets connection reseted by YOU !

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