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“No!! this is NOT compensation”

~ Oscar Wilde on Obelisks.

The finest example of French humour — four of the most exciting panels from the comic book series Asterisk and Obelisk *

*Original French title — Huh haw haw, oui oui oui

The History of the Obelisk[edit]

Obelisks have long been known to hang out in places where the human inhabitants have small penises, and since the beginning of time no one culture has used the obelisk more than Egypt. The story of the obelisk dates back to ancient egyptian times when the men of egypt, despite their proximity to the BigusDickusAfricanus people, were experiencing an extreme lack of sexual potency. thus one fine morning after yet another sexless night the pharoh decided it was time TO COMPENSATE and thus began the Obelisk. After the construction of the Obelisk egyptian men had no trouble getting hard all they had to do was look at the big rock obelisk, as opposed to their partners, and the had no problem BONEING all noght

(Whoever wrote this is a weirdo)

Obelisk In A nutshell[edit]

An obelisk is a huge phallic symbol used through out the ages to represent man's desire to have a larger penis. It can be made of any materials except bubbles, because obelisks need to have a pointy end and bubbles can't do that.

Famous Obelisks[edit]

  • Washington Monument, George Washington's obelisk in Washington DC (It is believed that Washington had a very small penis).
  • Buenos Aires' "El Obelisco". Stands in the middle of the city and is used to shoot down martian spacecraft every time they try to invade the city (approx. every 6 months).
  • Most of Egypt.
  • The Asterisk obelisk.
  • The Obelisk of Light from command and conquer.