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A rare Picture of Nina Williams showing her tail before the amnesisa attack

“If only there was a masculine form of her.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Nina Williams

“If only there was a man form of her”

~ The Ultimate Warrior on Nina Williams

“Now thats a Blonde Bombshell.”

~ Some Pervert on Nina Williams

“Nina, Steve and Lili are my favorites.”

~ Adolf Hitler on Nina Williams

Nina Williams is a TailGater and is sister to Anna Williams who was before the amnesisa attack a average happy go lucky TailGater (in other words shagged everything that moves) and a regular fighter (and Assassin) in the king of Bronze Foot Tournment. She is more reserved than her sister but ironically has more action than Anna herself.


Tekken 1 The First Whiff[edit]

Nina had an Argument With Anna over Various Things (don't Ask Me) which Nina was quite bitter about so in revenge she nicked Anna's Medication for Athletes Tail (Medication otherwise Known As the Rampant Chafinge which you can buy now in Annite Winters for sexual favours)

Tekken 2 Substance Abuse[edit]

A Handsome Man Called Lee Antichoke has Entered the Tournment and Nina wants a look in. After defeating Anna in the tournment she went to seek her prize. After Seeing Lee Antichoke Nina was shocked to Discover he was not keen on Blonde (though on the quiet she knew exactly The reason) and he walked off leaving nina feeling rejected. However she felt Better when she Detonated The Bomb She put in this Shoes to sent him Flying Back to where he Came from ([[USA|United States of America's Nuclear Wasteland).

Tekken 3 Intoxication[edit]

After Being spent 20 Years in cyrogenetic sleep Nina had the misfortune of losing entire memory in the process (This could be a advantage to many People) After Realizing What on earth is That Black and White Furry Abonimation on arse was doing there she Cut it off and so she can fit in her trousers better. after That Day she Become obsessed with cutting off vestigal limbs of anyform (even cutting off men's "one eyed trouser snakes Painfull!) She heard of another girl With the same extra Limb she Had got she wanting that cut for her sadistic pleasure. She found out she was in the king of bronze foot tournment.

Ending after realizing she was her Sister she was about to cut it off when the loss of blood from tail end caused her to faint. Anna escaped unharmed.

Tekken 4 Tekkening the Piss[edit]

After waking up from Her coma she was in the same cyrogenycic chamber she was last time and her Tail has Grown Back she was going To cut it off But it was her "time of the month" so it was not detriment. She decided to cure this ailment once and for all by getting money to find a cure.

Ending: She found the cure but the side effects caused her boobs to get bigger so the video was cut short to save being seen by sensitive Christian Pressure Groups (alas no pictures im afraid).

Tekken 5 The Anal Package[edit]

After cutting off (again) her Tail this time with bandages to stop the bleeding she went to find Anna to cut hers off as well. After Taking it off Anna faints and passes out. But due to the increased size of Annas Tail the Copius water it gave off. The smell knocked out Nina and then woke up realizing Anna has fled once again

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