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The 8 days of the week.

Mundai was first created by a group of lazy office workers in the 1970's, and it is the fictional eighth day of the week, falling between Sunday and Monday. Since its creation, it has spread across the world to become known as a word people use as a secret way of saying they aren't going to do a certain task. Whilst both words sounds the same, both have incredibly different uses in society.

In 1972, a group of office workers: Tim, Ilam and Tony (Known as the T.I.T team) created the word Mundai when they had been set an un-finishable task by their boss. Whilst messing around during the task, the three came up with the word, and started to tell their boss that the task would be finished on Mundai. Because Mundai is pronounced exactly the same as Monday, there boss was none the wiser and seemed happy with the news. This continued to be a running gag amongst the three friends, and whenever the situation arose that they could use the word, they would. Since that day, its popularity has spread across the world, and is now used in everyday life.


When someone says Mundai, they are saying that they don't plan on doing something or they don't plan on doing it for a long time. The word is fitting because the day doesn't exist and it has never been Mundai. If you still do not understand it, maybe a few examples will help:

Example 1[edit]

Boss: When are you getting those files for me?

Worker: They will be ready by Mundai Boss!

Boss: Ok good work.

As you can see, the worker has cunningly used the word Mundai here rather than Monday. By doing this, he has basically said to his boss "I'm never going to get you those files!" in code language, thus avoiding been told off. His boss, oblivious to the sneaky trick, will go away happy thinking he is going to get them soon.

An accurate powerpoint drawing of the letter President Bush sent to the troops in Iraq. After weeks studying the letter, it was noted that Mundai had been crossed out a few times and replaced by Monday. Very suspicious indeed...

Example 2[edit]

Protester: When are you pulling our troops out of Iraq!

George Bush: Dont worry, we are going to begin pulling them out on Mundai!

A highly used one here, by the President of the United States. This trick on the public has left them happy, even though George Bush has told them in coded language that he is never going to pull the troops out of Iraq. The word is used numerous times in politics, not only in American Government.

Example 3[edit]

Girl: Daddy when do you plan on quitting smoking?

(Dad takes drag of cigarette)

Dad: Mundai!

Girl: Oh good, I cannot believe your finally stopping!

Another common example of the word. Here, it is used by a father to inform his poor child that he is never going to stop smoking, whilst the child is led to believe he is going to.

Example 4 will be put up on Mundai.

Basically, when someone says Mundai, they mean that they aren't going to do something.

Looks like somebody has a bad case of the Mundai's.


Here is a list of special days which traditionally take place on Mundai...

Easter Mundai[edit]

Easter Monday is the only day when Easter takes place. All the other Mondays in the year are not Easter Monday, so they are called Easter Mundai.

Blue Mundai[edit]

Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year for everyone on Earth apart from most of the world population. Every Monday which isn't the most depressing day of the year is called Blue Mundai.

Big Mundai[edit]

Big Monday is the day that many college basketball games are played. Every Monday where many college basketball games are not played becomes known as Big Mundai.

Black Mundai[edit]

Black Monday is the name given to a crash in the stock market. Every Monday that a stock market crash doesn't happen is called Black Mundai.

The Big Mundai Scandal[edit]

Al Gore made many great (in length not content) speeches about the climate of the Earth. He often campaigned about greenhouse gases and claimed that they were destroying the world. No one knew what he was on about so one day during one of his speeches about the ozone layer one reporter stood up and asked "What the hell are you talking about?"

Al Gore made a detailed reply, saying that the polar ice caps are melting because of human involvement, and that by Mundai, 31st February 2041 there will be no more ice left. He said that it will all turn to water and the world will flood. People were very concerned about this, and began campaigning with Al to 'save' the planet. But in 2007, Al Gore revealed in another speech that he actually used the word Mundai when he said the polar ice caps were melting. Despite this admission, people continue to believe global warming is happening to this day. It is known as the biggest trick which has been played with the word Mundai, and has become very famous.

The Future[edit]

Future Projects[edit]

There are many upon many events scheduled to take place on Mundai, just a handful include World Peace, Family Guy becoming funny, Mundai, American troops getting pulled out of Iraq, Tom Cruise admitting he is a homosexual, Scientology becoming the one true religion, Every country disarming its nuclear arms, Global Warming and finally, Britain ruling the world for a third time (See Industrial Age and British Invasion of the 60's). These are just a few, there are a great many more, but I cannot be bothered to think right now, maybe ill put more up on Mundai.

Future Problems[edit]

A study in 2004 led to the conclusion that the day Mundai will become full in 2021, inevitably leading to a rip in space time.

The fact that the word is been used so much has led some people to start considering the possibility of the day becoming "full." After all, only so much can happen in one day, and the more people use the word Mundai, the less that can happen. Some scientists say that its nothing to worry about, and claim that despite the frequent use of the word, its highly unlikely that there is actually another dimension where everything takes that is said to take place on Mundai. But other scientists who are willing to think outside the box say that the amount of times people have said the word may have caused rips in space time, spilling all there thoughts into that dimension and creating a parallel universe. This parallel universe, if it becomes too full of events, may infact start to leak back into this universe, possibly causing an uber-paradox.

A scientific study by Stephen Hawking in the 90's concluded that if people continue to lay things off until Mundai, the day might actually become real, and all the events would come true at once. He based this claim...on absolutely nothing; except the theory of the Mundai universe which scientists had already discussed. But considering it was Stephen Hawking, people listened to him. He went on to say that this could cause a paradoxical implosion, ultimately destroying both universes.

The photo taken by the microscopic camera sent to the parallel Mundai universe.

In an effort to try and support the claim that the Mundai universe may actually be real, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research...Lol wut, how does that stand for CERN?) have built a huge particle accelerator, which should be capable of creating black holes and henceforth proving whether Parallel universes actually exist. When it starts up in a years time, it gave scientists shocking results. A tiny microscopic black hole was created, which evaporated very quickly thanks to Hawking Radiation. But this wasn't enough. The scientists built a microscopic machine with a microscopic camera on to go inside another black hole and possibly see what is on the other side. They did indeed build this machine, but considering the incredibly short lifespan of these black holes, it took many many attempts to get through one. Finally, after 2,585,136 attempts, they got the machine into one of the black holes. When inside, the machine sent back a shocking image, shown on the right. They saw an almost perfect world, were nuclear weapons no longer existed, and world peace was worldwide. The American troops were walking away from Iraq hand in hand with terrorists, skipping along the ground happily. Britain ruled the entire world and Family Guy was actually funny. It was an amazing place. Now that there was concrete evidence of the Mundai universe, the government knew that there had to be an end to the word Mundai.

In recent years, the government has worked hard to put a stop to the excessive use of the word, but unfortunately people continue to say it. It is estimated that by 2021 the day Mundai will be full and it will become a real day, unless the government can cancel the many events set to take place. If it does indeed become a real day, the Earth will become a peaceful War zone, with troops leaving Iraq whilst occupying the country, Britain ruling the world whilst not ruling it, Tom Cruise been openly gay whilst been secretly gay etc. etc. The sheer flood of paradoxes will cause the universe to combust and implode.


A variety of methods have been deployed by the government in recent years in order to stop the use of the word, the most popular been to use other days, such as Tuesdai, Wednsdai, Thursdai, Fridai, Saturdai or Sundai. Unfortunately though, statistics show that even if everyone in the world started using other days of the week, the event would only be delayed until the year 2104.

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