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  • Mucas is the istopopical substance of the element Nu.
  • It does not react with Nu due to the laws of Incest.
  • When Mucas reacts, the elements bond in the process of NuFlow.
  • Nu-one (well-known chemists joke) can actually trace the amount of energy released in this reaction due the speed of the Nu-Flow reaction, at 12mph the reaction is one of lifes known but unseen mysterys.
  • Eisac Nutem named the element Nu after himself
  • George Mucas named the istope Mucas after himself.


The beginning of Mucas[edit]


In 1911, southern China, the strong flaverous capabilities of Mucas were explored, soon to be realised there was a powerful "nutty" taste. Mucas was consequently added to many oriental dishes to improve them, i.e. Nuudles. Due to Mucas, soon the excessive amounts of Opium added to Chineese dishes was removed, and understandably a slight decrease in unemployment followed.

Mucas is still used today in houses and companies alike. Proving that that nutty taste that people of the nation have come to enjoy is one of epic proportions (by consumer conflict, please keep portions of mucas to 1.2g a day).

Helpful tips about Mucas:

  • Can be taken orally or anally.
  • Can cause severe infections/rashes when taken during Ramadam (The holy german festival).
  • It surprisingly takes up 0.6% of your plasma.
  • It can be highly addictive when in the right hands.
  • It is a brownish/yellow powder.
  • It lies in the X Group in the periodic table.
  • It smells much like most Chinamen.
  • It is not a laxative.
  • It is a laxative.
  • It is not funny.

The famous Mucas Mural[edit]

The famous photo of Bush's cosplay spasm.

In 1938 George W Bush ingested an amount of none other than 16.6g of Mucas in one day. All mass consumed in a defected packet of Dried Apricots. This meant the spillage of Mucas over his fellow supporters.

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