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Mega Awesome Man
A messed up Mega Man
Hobbies: Killing Dr Willy,
Having Friends, Making Different Megamans,

Helping Dr Light, Killing Robots etc.

Birthday: December 18 1977
Career: Does pretty much anything you can imagine
Weapons: Arm Gun, Lasers from his eye
Favourite Game: Megaman 2
Favourite Song: Megaman 2 Title Theme
Favourite Colour: Dark-Light Blue

“I now plan to Destroy all Humans destroy these fools. ”

~ Megaman on Planning

“Who is this?”

~ Megaman on A Random Guy

The result of every fight

Mega Awesome Man (Born 1977) is a well-known 41-year old superhuman who identifies himself as a blue fighting robot. He is well known for being an enemy of the Buddhist Doctor Willy[1]. It is well known that he may just be Mario with a blue outfit. Although Mario is not a 41-year old. He's also able to meditate while giving the finger. He'll do it at you if you like Doctor Willy. Megamans full name is "Mega-Robot-Kid-Scifi-Awesome-Totally Not 80s-Man". He got an Oscar for best Superkid in 1985. Weird, eh?

If you haven't read the top part (or your internet connection is bad so the top part is still loading, or you didn't PAY ATTENTION), Megaman is 41 years old. He is not Communist unlike his friends and is a Republican. Fun Facts, eh? He also hates Fascism and wishes everywhere was a Democracy.

Before he became Famous[edit]

This is what happened when he tried to get surgery but failed at the age of 14.
(Is this Megaman after Puberty? You decide.)

Megaman was born in the unfashionable hut of Mega Hut to 'Rock' Man and 'Roll' and 'Someone' in 1977. The young Megaman messed around for the next 15 years waiting for his time to come as the 'One' and the 'Only', but had to do horrible chores like digging concrete or punching the flowers.

After 15 years, Megaman took his father's place in 1994 to fight Dr Willy for the 8th time. It was during this time that Megaman had 6 games based on him and soon 7.

His Family's History[edit]

His father was originally a soldier fighting in Vietnam. When Megaman was 6, his father told him these stories and it inspired Megaman to hate Communism. He also fought Doctor Willy 8 times before his son was born. After his son was born, he fought Doctor Willy 2 more times and probably a third soon. By 1987, Megaman had his own game based on himself. It recieved positive reception.

Perhaps this is where Megaman goes. He becomes a toy to be sold in Japan for $2,000,000

Megaman was reported to have prank called Saddam Hussein numerous times during the 1990's and some speculate that the only reason why Hussein was invaded was because Megaman was always getting bad ideas, so he asked the US government to invade Iraq in 2003.

In the new millenium, the US government met the Megaman family for a donation. The Government gave $5,000 in the first day, but Megaman wanted more so he said "You Filthy Funks". An hour later, he apologized.

To this day, many gamers name Megaman the son of Chuck Norris (see weapons).

End of Megaman?[edit]

Some have reported that in an alternate universe, Megaman was defeated by Dr Willy as he takes over the world. Then again, that video was on Game Theory so, I don't know... clickbait?


No. Why would there be? You know almost everything you need to know...

Totally not a costume of Megaman...

Here are some dot points though:

  • Megaman is the only known Manchild to be respected by the general populace of the Internet, when they can remember who he is.
  • Megaman somehow created Yorkshire Pudding from his poop. Tasty poop nonetheless.

Tough Times[edit]

On 23rd April 1980 Megaman (after a lengthy dentention and over 8 years in school) had his parents divorced. It was tough time for him, as from this point onward, he became a target to Bullies. The event was so mysterious, that there are even theories if it actually happened. These theorises have been claimed that the event did infact happen, its just not talked about that much.

Recent Times[edit]

Recently, Megaman has fought Dr Willy for the 9th time just 10 years ago. Just 2 years later (Yes, 2 Years!), Megaman fought Dr Willy for the 10th time. In January 2018, Megaman announced he would fight Dr Willy for the 11th time in October that year. We're still waiting for him to do that.

Villains Fought[edit]


Colonel Sanders

Dr Willy



Copy X



Dr. Weil


Himself Unintentionally

Joseph Stalin

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  1. Yes Doctor Willy is most likely Buddhist

If your looking down here your autistic.