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Kill Search was built by evil garden gnomes in the 1990's. It is a search engine that kills what ever you search for. EX: You search Wal-Mart and all the Wal-Mart's in the world explode. At first you needed a pass word to use the search engine but when a really really evil garden gnome destroyed the password function the world was in peril...

Why make such a powerful weapon?[edit]

At first Kill Search was not even a weapon it was just a regular search engine... that can kill things! Anyway at first the thought of a weapon did not pass in a vote. (The vote was called off due to a heavy rain storm) Many Generals such as Genral Grevouis thought it would have been a very strong weapon. But the reason it was made to destroy things in the first place was as follows: One Gnome: Baby Gnome had trouble with his homework. If Baby Gnome could not understand a question he would type in math and all things math related in the world would be destoryed. Baby Gnomes password just for the record was **** ****. Just so you know. As no that is not a swear.

The Vote Passes[edit]

In the summer of the year 2012 General Gnome decided to have another vote to use it as a weapon. The vote passed. 66-6. Little did they know that the vote statistics were accaully a sign. 666 would happen if it were used as a weapon. It as used to destroy Osama Bin Ladden. The war of Terror was over but the war against the machines was on...

Judgement Day[edit]

No not a popular WWE Pay Per View Event and no not a terminator reference but it was really judgement day. The search Engine was out of control and was deleting or killing everything. It later came to light in a press conference that a virus (created by the search engine) was attacking Kill Search. Books, People, anything and everything was being destroyed. It was chaos. Luckily before it could do much damage the search Engine searched for itself and was destroyed. The only things lost were:

Things that were Destroyed[edit]

  1. The Mona Lisa
  2. Osama Bin Laden
  3. Uncloypedia
  4. Google
  5. The year 1966
  6. Ken Griffy Junior
  7. Yoda
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Pokemon
  10. yo mama
  11. Toronto maple leafs
  12. Mario Mario
  13. The phrase: Doh
  14. MSN Messenger
  15. The letter x
  16. Apple Sauce
  17. Meow Mix
  18. Stapler
  19. Rogers Video
  20. John Cena
  21. Linkin Park
  22. Small Ben
  23. My ex-wife
  24. The rest of this page