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What is spelling?

Is it the act of casting a curse on the guy that fucked your wife in your own bed that resulted in a divorce, losing your house, the car, most of your life savings and only seeing the kids once a month?

No. That is not spelling you idiot! Spelling is the act of spelling... a word. Spelling a word.

Now, do you know the Libyan revolutionary, politician and political theorist Mutahar Gaffi? I thought not, Mustafar Daffafi is not somebody that the average joe would know. Mukbang Giraffe has quite an easy name to spell, unlike really hard names to spell such as Tom Hanks or John Smith, just to name a few.

Meowmar Gadurate in all his glory.

The First Name[edit]

To spell Madness's first name, you must first learn the letters of the alphabet. This would of been taught to you at a very young age, I presume, but for those that weren't, I shall explain. There are 29 letters in the English alphabet. However, since the war on drugs in 1345 A.D., 3 letters were executed for Crimes Against Humanity. The letters, in no perticular order, are;

  1. t
  2. h
  3. e
  4. q
  5. u
  6. i
  7. c
  8. k
  9. b
  10. r
  11. o
  12. w
  13. n
  14. f
  15. o
  16. x
  17. j
  18. u
  19. m
  20. p
  21. s
  22. o
  23. v
  24. e
  25. r
  26. a
  27. l
  28. a
  29. z
  30. y
  31. d
  32. o
  33. g

Now, that was we in the biz like to call a pangram but I didn't quite do a perfect pangram, mainly cause those ones make absolutely no bloody sense but hey, who doesn't like repeats? I'm watching the fourth season of Big Bang for the hundreth time right now cause it's the only thing 99 Go! plays!

Anyway, now that you know what letters are, it's time to start spelling. So, back on track, to spell Muhdick Getstiff's first name, we shall start with... um, the, er, the letter that goes up, then down and back up and down again. The second letter is then, um. Um. Er. This is embarrasing.

One Google Search Later

Alright I'm back. Now, I'm just gonna come clean with you the reader (or reader's if you're reading this with a mate, or family member, or to a class) but I have no idea how to spell this bloke's (Meat Gandhi) name. But I'm sure we can figure this out together.



To spell Merlin's first name we could just spell it how it's pronouced. So lets try...


Does that look right? Screw it, who cares!

Last Name[edit]

Now that we have Motorbike's first name out of the way, now comes the second and final part (thank god). So like the first name, this is really hard however with the power of friendship and another quick google search, you can spell Garfield quite easily. Before I do tell you how to spell Mummy Gerald's surname, I would like to give a quick shout out to today's sponsor RAID SHAD- (This sponsorship has been removed by the greatest man that ever lived). Now, to spell Godliness;

G - C L A S S

And there you have it.


I hope this article has helped you in your pursuit to spell Muammar Gaddafi's name.