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Oh, there's no more sexy ladies on the internet, come on!

So, are you an old granny who don't know anything about the internet and want people to not like it? Well this is what to do! But this requires some serious computer knowledge so, no. You can't.[1] Sorry![2] Unless you had the right sort of electricity to interfere with the underwater servers with out getting kablooey'd by underwater currents.

What you got to do[edit]

So if you want to get everyone off the internet you've got to take down sites. What sites exactly? Well look at this:

Taking down porn/shock sites will reduce the popularity by 62%
Taking down uncyclopedia will reduce the popularity by 1.5%
Taking down some d4nk memes will reduce the popularity by 35%
Taking down encyclopedia dramatica (yes!) will reduce the popularity by 0%
Taking down social media will reduce the popularity by 1%
Taking down all other sites will reduce it by a further 0.5%

If we do that, what would the percentage be? None.[3]


If you do it, you will have move to da dark webs, soo, uuhg, I would not like to imagine that.


  1. Unless you are a guy with serious computer knowledge.
  2. If you still want to get everyone off the internet and you know 'bout computers, hmm...
  3. If your a granny that can actually do this, and I doubt you can, then, *starts questioning reality*