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 fly Score: 60 Moves: 33

> push buttons, push buttons like you just don't care

Button pushing is your thing. It got you out of that creepy hermit's room...

You start to randomly push buttons. You see a pretty green one and a ugly yellow one. You push them both, and the roof of the building opens up. Now it hits you. You're in a building.

> Up!

Up? This isn't a bloody hovercraft!

> Fine... Start engine!

Which one?

> What are you talking about?

Sigh... There are two engines. For the two turbines?

> Okay... start all engines!

The engines come to life, and you throttle forward.

You feel safe now, and head torwards the opening.

> Throttle up!

You are in the air now! Congrats, you passed flying school!