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You return to Oprah's compound, dead Farker in hand. The guard prepares to shoot you, but upon seeing what you brought lets you in. He says, "The information desk clerk inside should be able to help you."

You enter the compound. The information clerk doesn't look happy to see you.

> talk to clerk

You ask the clerk where you can find Oprah. She replies very bitterly, spewing stuff about you ruining her previous desk job at M1cr0s0ft. You're not going to get any info out of her.

> look for a directory

You find a directory.

> examine directory

You examine the directory. It says:

YOU ARE HERE on the first floor
First floor: Reception area
Second floor: Cold reception area
Third floor: Lounge
Fourth floor: Executive offices
Fifth floor: Executive lounge
Sixth floor: Boardrooms
Seventh through twenty-third floors: Lodging for henchmen
Twenty-fourth through twenty-eighth floors: Storage
Twenty-ninth through thirtieth floors: Executive lodging
Thirty-first floor: Oprah's suite
Thirty-second through fiftieth floors: Fluff

You eye the list of buttons on the elevator:

Alternately, you can copy and paste the article title into the search bar, then type the floor you wish to go to. You'll need that skill later on, trust me.