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You step off the elevator, and instead of finding endless Fluff, you find yourself immersed in a hippy party.

> Smoke Pot

You smoke pot, and start to not really pay attention to what some people are doing behind you. Your eyesight suddenly cuts to darkness. When you awake, you find yourself strung up-side down in Hitler's secret lab (one of 'em). Not only do you get eaten by a Grue, but you are shat out, decompose, combine with the rock that makes up the walls, return to soil, become absorbed into a plant, eaten by a cow, eaten by a human, somehow reborn into the man who invented Pez, invent Pez and Pez accessories, and are eaten by yet another Grue.

OH, how did you like that, huh?

> Fuck you.

Oprah shows up and rapes you in the ass with an umbrella.