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 Dark Place Score: 140 Moves: 67

After the Religious Zealot materializes, he spies the Wizzard in his Splendid Robe. The Religious Zealot immediately lunges and attacks the Wizzard, all the while shouting logical, insightful, and well thought out diatribes on the lines of 'Magic is the tool of Satan!', 'Your fantasy world is perverting the minds of our children!', 'Witchcraft and Wizzardry lead to the bowels of hell!', and 'Dear god, won't anyone think of the children?!'.

Being unable to stand up to the Might Of God that is being channeled through this Religious Zealot, the Wizzard crumbles into dust under his Splendid Robe. The Splendid Robe flutters into a heap on the ground, no longer inhabited by the Wizzard.

The Religious Zealot, with no sources of evil to vanquish anymore (for some reason, he must not see you), walks back into the darkness you have just been wandering in. He is eaten by a Grue.

You spot a hole in the ground that you hadn't noticed before.