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 wz11 Score: 0 Moves: 0

As you pick up the Splendid Robe, a loud, unearthly noise emits from some hidden anti-theft device the Wizzard installed into his Splendid Robe. You probably would have found that if you examined the Splendid Robe first, you shmuck. The noise seems to attract a horde of Grues (let's say, oh, 42). For a change of pace, they tar and feather you, then kill you, but do not eat you. Instead they laugh at your corpse lays in a feathery heap on the ground, and how dumb you were not to try and disable the anti-theft device installed in the robe. The Grues eat the Splendid Robe.

*** Y hv dd ***

Wld y lk t strt vr, rstr svd pstn, r nd ths sssn f Zrk? (Typ RSTRT, RSTR, r QT)