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 Dark Place Score: 150 Moves: 68

You notice that there is some sort of anti-theft device in the Splendid Robe that seems to be designed to summon a large number of Grues when triggered. I'd disarm that if I were you.

> Disable alarm

There is no alarm.

> Disable anti-theft device

See? Was that so hard to type out?

Using your wily wit, you figure out how to disable the Grue summoning alarm, and toss it on the floor. It wavers, then dissolves in lots of twinkly lights, probably using up several thousand dollars from the Special Effects budget. Pretty.

The Splendid Robe is now safe to pickup.

> Pickup Splendid Robe

You now have the Splendid Robe. Don't you look splendid in it.

That hole's looking mighty tempting, now that you have that Splendid Robe...