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 End of the Maze Score: 120 Moves: 61

> "No."

There is a brief pause. And then: "Oh... I get it now! You're an Elvis impersonator!"

Without waiting for your reply, she continues. "Oh, I love impersonators! I knew we were perfect for each other as soon as I set my gaze on you!"

A shiver runs up your spine as she says those words, but she seems not to notice.

"I'll join you in your journey, my love! I'll follow you everywhere you go - even if it's right into the teeth of Hell itself!"

You have a sudden mental image of a hallway filled with hundreds of stone statues of grues, and you waltzing straight past them with a spring in your step. This is going to be good. Of course, the downside is that you'll be stumbling around with these wretched opaque black glasses for quite some time now...