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 End of the Maze Score: 120 Moves: 61

> kiss medusataur

You lean over and give her a quick, gentle peck. Or, I dunno, maybe a long, drawn-out snog. Maybe even with tonguing. I don't care. Honest.

Either way, your lips + her skin = the Kiss of Life in most fairytale dictionaries. And, yes, she's finally waking the hell up!

> wait

You hear a voice. "Oh my goodness! An Ageless, Faceless, Gender-Neutral, Culturally-Ambiguous Adventure Person!"

And then, a loud "MOOOO" of excitement, followed by "MY HERO!"

You feel something (the Medusataur) embrace you in a powerful hug. You feel hundreds of scaly strands of hair brush across your face, as well as several tiny, forked tongues playfully licking at you. It gives you a weird sensation halfway between ecstasy and sheer unbridled terror.

The Medusataur says "At last! My true love has awoken me from my curse! Now we shall both live happily ever after forevermore!"

Then, she says "Why are you wearing those sunglasses!? Are you blind?"

> "no"

You shake your head. "Oh," she says. "Are they stickycursed, then? I've got some Liquid Sunglasses Destroyer here - do you want me to remove them?"