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 Pharaoh's Tomb Score: 150 Moves: 62

> go northwest

You stroll toward what you hope is a northeasterly direction, and while you bump into several statues along the way, you eventually manage to reach the sealed sandstone door.

The Medusataur says "Oh! You want to go in there!" Then, with a note of concern in her voice, she says "But, the thing is... the Dungeon Master commanded me to guard the key to that door. And, a dreadful curse is said to be laid on the person who opens it."

"...But I'll do anything for you, my love!" You then hear the sound of an unobtanium key turning (a distinctive sound unmistakable for any other) and of a sandstone door grinding open after several centuries of disuse (also distinctive.)

> northwest

At last! You find yourself in the Cursed Tomb of Harry S. Grueman, 1st Pharaoh of the Grue Knighted States!

The Medusataur says "Are you a treasure hunter, my sweet baboo? Is that why you've come here?"

> "yes."

"Here, even though you're not blind you can't seem to see very well, so let me give you these treasures."

You acquire the following treasures: the Solid Gold Coffin, and the Egyptian Sceptre.

> what, an entire solid gold coffin?!

Yes, an entire solid gold coffin.

The Medusataur says "The curse is on me now. I fear I only have ten more turns before it comes into effect. But I won't leave your side, my love! Not even a Bulette can tear me away from you!"