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 Small room Score: 60 Moves: 30

> press buttons

Well, I only said it was a minimal chance but if russian roulette is your thing. PZZZZZT! *WOOOMF* Ok... Well.. that's what you would have heard if you were not in the teleporter at the time. Or being teleported at the time. Or something.

Your vision clears from the flash and you notice you are in a small room with a door to the west.

> inv

Sweet merciful Artemis, your flashlight's gone. Oh well. It was useless, and after all, you still have everything else, right?

Sweet merciful Artemis, the elven sword of great antiquity is gone. Gone! Gone like Fenchurch at the beginning of Mostly Harmless. Why, Douglas Adams, WHY?! Well, you've still got the precious pot of gold, the butcher knife, them batteries and the poor kid's keychain. That's all.

Sweet merciful Artemis, your pants are gone.

> look around the room

There is a chair here that has a pair of cargo pants and long sleeve work shirt. Incidentally, there is a crowbar on the table.

> grab long sleeve shirt and cargo pants

You grab and don the long sleeve shirt. You find that it is +10 to damage against grues. You wonder what "to damage" means for an article of clothing. You grab and don the cargo pants. As your previous pants are now dearly departed, this is a good thing.

> grab crowbar

You grab the crowbar. A small white label with black lettering clearly states "Warning: Misuse of this tool can cause death and dismemberment. Also not to be used fighting grues." You realise that a crowbar is nowhere near as cool as a sword, and a single tear rolls down your cheek.

> grab stolic

You grab a stolic. You're not sure why. You should probably check it at some later point.