Game:Zork/Biocomplex 1

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 Biocomplex Score: 60 Moves: 31

> go west

You're in some kind of biological-laboratory-slash-military-fortress type area. To the north is a huge floor-to-ceiling steel turnstile in front of a large archway leading to the center of the complex.

There is a big shaved head guy in front of you wearing black sunglasses and a black tee-shirt that says "SECURITY". This makes you feel very insecure. In his right hand is an absolutely huge gun. In fact, it's more of a hand-held cannon.

You also see an ATM and a weird potted plant.

To the south is a hall-like area with some sort of service access hatch to the roof and men's and women's restrooms.

> examine turnstile

It's like a set of rotating glass doors, only they're made of steel grates and are controlled by a dinky podium next to them. The podium has an ID card slot and a coin slot. The sign on the coin slot says, "Visitors' Fee: 15 gold zorkmids."

> inv

You have clothes, the poor kid's keychain, batteries, a butcher knife, a crowbar, and a pot of gold.

> put gold in coin slot

Blast! The pot of gold only contains unminted nuggets!