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 End of the Maze Score: 130 Moves: 58

Congratulations! You reached the end of the maze!

You are a super player!

> look

You are in a small sandstone brick room. There is a sealed door to the northwest, and a steep staircase to the southwest. Also, a shortcut back into the maze (should you ever feel the desire to re-enter) is south.

The Medusataur (half-Medusa, half-Minotaur) is here, and she's fast asleep. Her hair makes gentle hissing noises. Around her neck is a key made out of unobtainium. In her right hand she holds some kind of spray-bottle.

Surrounding her are assorted rock statues of men, female men, grues, female grues, elves, high elves, high orcs, hobbits halflings, a Namek, and other Tolkien ripoffs, all with wide-eyed gazes on their cold stone faces.