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 Wow...Back we go, n00b! haha! Score: 54821 Moves: 451

You actually recovered your inventory!!

NOW what do you want to do?

. . . .

By the way, a grue is getting closer to you.

You have a brass lantern (providing light), the light cannon, a can of compressed air, a tattoo reading "SWEET" on your upper back (added while drunk), a Ring of Hunting, the Kerrek's Belt (being worn), a batch of grumblecakes, half of a grilled cheese sandwitch (being eaten), a Babelfish (in left ear), a sultana, a keychain, a gorilla suit (being worn), the G-string of Aphrodite (being worn), the Stone of Triumph (shackled to leg), a monkey's paw (no wishes remaining), the Pot of Gold, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership (unopened), the Beautiful Painting, the Brass Bauble, the Egyptian Sceptre, the Wrath of the Black Manta (being wrought), the Solid Gold Coffin, the soul of an orphan, the Trunk of jewels, the Crystal trident, the Jade figurine, the Sapphire bracelet (being worn), a fire extinguisher, the USS Saratoga, a Heffalump, the Huge diamond, the Bag of coins, the oddly shaped pebbles you found, a Archeoptyrex fossil (found in Germany) the Crystal skull, the Jeweled scarab, the Large emerald, the unobtainable jewel (obtained), the Silver chalice, the Jewel-encrusted egg, the Clockwork canary, Mutton-Chops (being worn), the second biggest monkey head you've ever seen, the Platinum Utility Ladder, the Sword that is Still Broken, the Ivory torch (also providing light), and the +1,337 elven elfin slaxe-chucks of great antiquity (weapon in hand). Oh yeah, you also have a stick of gum.