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 The Super Ultimate Final Conclusive Showdown Battle of The End Score: ? Moves: ?

> Huh?

You should know what's going on. This is your save file, right? Or are you playing someone else's game? You really shouldn't do such a thing.

And because you wasted time asking me that, you didn't notice a tavern of space invaders advancing upon you from behind until you're devoured. Uh oh, the entire universe is collapsing into a molten hell of random pop culture references! Captain Obvious's head explodes (obviously) while his vital fluids explode in a giant goopy mess! Spongebob asplodes, spraying blood and gore everywheree! The hall of the stargate dissolves into molten rock, hideously torching every participant in the battle. Grues everywhere start to incinerate in the fires of a dying universe! Damn the evil writers who created Zork!

And you can't even restore, because you destroyed the universe. Asshole.