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 A dark cove (with brown rocks) Score: 10.150 Moves: 40

You walk in the a dark cove (with brown rocks). It is starting to get dark. Torch?
> lit up torch

When you light it up, a statue glares.
> light the statue


> put torch on mouth

A InvisiClues card drops! This is written by the Blobikin!
> look

? This your about to read, is a path lesson. FAQs like "what is the right path?" are about to be answered. — There's a diffrence between "" and "...". If you highlight "", you'll find that "" is one character and "..." is 3 periods. These appear on "Countinue…" (or "Countinue...") command. The true one is "…" and false (often leading to a "lose page") is "...". note:this may no be currect on head-breaking puzzels, as my friend never passed it……