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 A dark cove (with brown rocks) Score: 10.100 Moves: DINNER

You throw the bomb and explodes! BUT THE STATUE BRAKES!

A odd looking egg pops out... later a note flies to your hands...


The eggs are large, ellipsoidal leathery objects about one meter high with four-lobed openings at the top. Eggs are laid by a queen. Once laid, the egg remains immobile until it senses a suitable host organism to support an alien embryo, at which point, the egg opens and the facehugger erupts from it, launching itself towards the intended host. In the Director's Cut of Alien, eggs are shown forming from the still-living bodies of the xenomorph's victims, thus not requiring a queen. But since this scene was cut in the final released version of the film, allowing the queen to appear in Aliens, its canonicity is uncertain.

> examine egg


> read that tip!! AAhhhh!


A facehugger is the second stage in the life-cycle of a xenomorph. Its bony finger-like legs allow it to crawl rapidly and its long tail can launch it in great leaps. These particular appendages give them an appearance somewhat comparable to Chelicerata arthropods such as arachnids and horseshoe crabs. The facehugger is a parasitoid; its only purpose is to make contact with the host's mouth for the implantation process, by gripping its long, bony finger-like legs around the victim's head and wrapping its tail around the host's neck, then slowly tightening the tail in order to make the host gasp for oxygen and be rendered unconscious. By this point, the facehugger will have inserted a tube-like proboscis into the mouth and down the throat of the host, supplying the host with oxygen and implanting an embryo. Attempts to remove facehuggers generally prove fatal — the parasite will squeeze the host's neck with its tail. The facehugger's acid blood deters cutting it off. Once the alien embryo is safely implanted, the facehugger detaches and dies. Later, a larval Xenomorph (Chestburster) will erupt from the host's chest.

> remove facehugger!

Did you read? Attempts to remove facehuggers generally prove fatal!!

*** You have died ***

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