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 A dark cove (with brown rocks) Score: 14 Moves: 100

> Throw the bomb? Anywhere?

You see the EyegoreBomb fly, and you thew it on the left wall of you. The left wall brakes and destroys.
> walk to the destroyed wall

You peak on the room, and see a giant ? statue. And you have to highlight it to see the giant mass!


> WHOA!!! That is HUGE!!!

fi. If you see below, there are words!
> see words

Αυτό είναι ένα αρχαίο άγαλμα όταν zork ήταν μια αυτοκρατορία. Στηρίχτηκε σε 1270, για να συγχύσει τους εχθρούς, οι οθωμανικοί Τούρκοι. Αλλά αυτό το δωμάτιο κλειδώνεται από την αστυνομία σπηλιών.

~ What does it say? This looks like the Greek language. Oh there a pool with a small fish in it.
> see fish

The Babelfish (or Babel fish, as some call him)
If you want, I can translate it here.

Oh well, now you have to continue without a bomb. Oh well for you.