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 San Jose, California Score: 0 Moves: 3

You try to book a flight to to San Jose, California, where PayPal's Servers are hosted, in hopes of restoring the servers so you can pay for the full version of Zork. But alas, there's no affordable flight there. Suddenly, just as about you are about to give up, you see an ad for a free trip to San Jose, if you attend a timeshare presentation. You accept the offer. As it turns out, you were the only one on the flight besides the pilot and a couple of flight attendants. For 2 long hours, you struggle around restless in your cheap Economy Class seat, munching on peanuts, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. When you get off the plane, you stretch for 5 minutes, and then slowly take your luggage into the airport. Something seems strange. There are no passengers anywhere. There is no Airport Security. Not a single person. You walk outside to find a gloomy, dark landscape with cracked pavement on the ground. You hear faint screams in the distance. California looks nothing like it looked on MTV. The Timeshare presentation is a matter for another day, as it seems.

> look

You look around, you see smog in the air. The clouds are gloomy and gray. Trash Cans are lit on fire. Trash is dumped all over the place. Looking closely, you can see human parts in the trash, which means there must be grues in the area. Looking past that you can see a figure by a streetlight, no wait, that's not a human... thats... A Grue. You come to a sudden realization that Grues are taking over the world, and have taken over California already. This must be why PayPal's Servers were down! This also explains the recent lack of good movies lately, and why all those Hollywood Gossip Shows are on Hiatus.

What would you like to do, assuming you read that giant wall of text?