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Deception is the opposite of conception, the process of creating children. More extreme then abortion and adoption, deception involves inserting the child back into the womb, where it is dissolved by the mother's body and absorbed back into the bloodstream.

From the view of modern Culture this primitive act may seem barbaric and not a good thing and disgusting. But during the time of Barbarians when things were not good and always very disgusting this was considered pretty run of the mill.

Modern Views on Deception[edit]

Since the time of Davy Crockett, childbirth has been a risky proposition. It has been up to the man and/or woman involved whether to even have the child - or instead to honorably hurl yourself and unborn child into a volcano where you would be consumed by the millions of gallons of exploding magma and possibly killed.

Obviously, to our modern eyes, this was pretty stupid. In fact, just calm down, it was stupid.

But some groups of people, whom you hate and wish would die, feel it was somewhat honorable, and felt it was in line with many current religious views. This would allow god to be pleased and all it took was the sacrifice of the woman or man and the life of the unborn child in either of their wombs.

This is when these pious individuals, who were such adamant followers of God, just thought it would be pretty cool if just the baby could be killed and not them.

This is where modern opinion is strongly divided.

  • On one side of the wall you have those who feel the act of Deception is disgusting and so horrific that their hair stands on end just thinking about it.
  • On the other hand, there are groups who think that forcing a woman or man and the child they have been incubating inside either of their bodies for the past 12 months or so, into a huge volcano with exploding magma and floating skeletons of men women and children was "horrible".

It is left as an exercise to the reader to determine if deception really is bad, or disturbingly acceptable. The art of deception is to pull down trousers/pants then underwear (if wearing any) and fuck youself.

Standard Egyptian Formula for Deception[edit]