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"Da" is an English definite article for lexically cool nouns, but groovy, hip or far-out nouns are marked by wearing sunglasses. For example, considdah da following phrases:

  • "You are a man." You are one of many men--you are nothing special.
  • "You are the man." You are da only man. Let's hope you can reproduce.
  • "You are da man." You are da coolest man.

Not to be confused with Daaaaaa, which always precedes da word 'Bearsh'. Like "the", "da" doesn't change for number, gender, case or Esperanto. Or German, even!

In Uddah Languages[edit]

Da may be used by people of some sort of Russian background to mean something. It is presently unsure wheddah or not "Da" means anything at all in foreign languages, as it is so frequently used in contemporary movies and culture dat it has apparently lost all meaning, serving as da foreign-sounding equivalent of "eh?" It also makes up half of da vocabulary of Russian bob-ombs, da uddah half being Nyet.


The word "Da" has met with rejection among grammarians and teachers everywhere. Half of da American Heritage Usage Panel finds it unacceptable in formal English, and so does da uddah half. Sonic da Hedgehog quotes,

“I may be da fastest, but Cream is da biggest.”

~ Sonic on Cream da Rabbit

Obviously, his opinion of da word is beyond da minds of even da smartest people on da planet. Mr. Krabs quotes dat he thinks dat da word "Da" is one of da 13 bad words. His warning has been taken by many parents who often ground or punish dey children for using dis word.


It is unknown wheddah “Da” has any actual meaning. Some say it is a definite article like “the,” while others believe dat it is an indefinite article similar to “a” or “an.” Don't say it around Mr. Krabs or he'll take your money.

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