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Comic Genesis's original logo, obviously not that of Keenspace.

Keenspace Comic Genesis, which is not Keenspace, is a webcomic hosting and automation service that is not Keenspace at all. It, unlike Keenspace, is not a poorly-managed service housing the worst of the worst of the webcomic world. Keenspace Comic Genesis also has a different name than Keenspace, meaning it does not have a history of management not giving the administration the power to fix glaring problems plaguing the service for upwards of four years at a time.

For the remainder of this article, Keenspace Comic Genesis will be simply referred to as Comic Genesis, because it is not Keenspace at all. After all, it has a different name and everything.


In 2000, there was Keenspace, which was not Comic Genesis, nor vice versa. Keenspace was started by the makers of Keenspot as a way of looking for new webcomics to absorb into themselves without ever having to leave the safety of their advertising empire and venture into the real internet. It served as a free hosting facility for sprite comics and webmangas of all sorts, plus several unique and interesting webcomics. In exchange for this free service, Keenspace-hosted comics had advertisements placed on their sites as well as a domain as a warning to potential readers.

To assist them in this task, the management hired several administrators, or "Wranglers", to maintain the site. They were given many administrative abilities, such as a way to email the management to do anything useful (the Wranglers lacking the power themselves), complete and utter blame when ancient servers fail and were never replaced by management, and publicized email addresses so they could absorb any and all complaints that resulted from management not giving them the ability to do anything useful.

Unfortunately, despite this tight mesh of authority and quality service, problems arose. Keenspace, not Comic Genesis, gained a reputation for hosting untold amounts of terrible webcomics. The servers frequently failed, the Wranglers were powerless to fix them, a lack of backups and subsequent hard drive meltdown decimated much of the service, and worst of all, Keenspot wasn't finding enough new webcomics to absorb into itself, thus losing revenue as their aging comics reached the ends of their respective runs.

Thus, in 2005 it was decided to start a completely new and utterly not-Keenspace service, Comic Genesis. Through a process they have described as "not just renaming the service, no", Keenspot, by the sheer power of their minds, brought Comic Genesis into existance, letting Keenspace and its reputation die, because Comic Genesis is not Keenspace at all.


Today, Comic Genesis enjoys all the benefits of not being Keenspace. Whereas all Keenspace accounts had domains, Comic Genesis accounts all have domains. This difference serves to show how much different Comic Genesis is from Keenspace. Moreover, it shows how Comic Genesis does not have the horrible reputation of Keenspace and why webcomic authors should not use any of Comic Genesis's competitors, none of whom existed in the days of Keenspace.


The popularity Comic Genesis inherited from Keenspace, which is not to imply it is Keenspace, has brought with it controversy and misconceptions about the service. For example, critics have accused Comic Genesis of being a sort of "breeding ground" for comics to later be brought into Keenspot. Specifically, they assert that simply having a comic hosted on Comic Genesis increases the odds of it being "spotted", a slang term meaning "read". This, according to Keenspot management, is silly. Comic Genesis obviously does not have the word "Keen" in its name, thus Keenspot will have nothing to do with it. This is unlike Keenspace, which was well-known to have served that function.

Similarly, many claim that Comic Genesis is responsible for much of the bad reputation of webcomics in general, supposedly hosting 80% of the world's worst webcomics, and that of these, 85% are the world's worst sprite comics. In reality, Comic Genesis boasts 95% of the world's worst webcomics, only 60% of which are sprite comics, showing significant diversity never seen in Keenspace, which Comic Genesis is not.

Comic Genesis has also been repeatedly accused of being a simple renaming of Keenspace in a desperate attempt to hide the latter's history of mismanagement, hosting of terrible sprite comics, flaky service, and, at times, complete server failure. This is, of course, untrue. According to Keenspot founder, CEO, Imperial Grand Wizard, and all-around swell guy Chris Crosby, "It doesn't even have the word 'Keen' in the name anymore! Look! Loooooook!"

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