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Noun: A person, either by himself or in a group gangbang, that partakes in the act of camping.

Camping is the act of staying in one place in an online video and or computer game, lighting a camp fire, and roasting marshmallows and a camper is a person that partakes in these activities. Singing is optional, but recommended.

Different Variations on Camping[edit]

Campers overlooking a barbarian spawn point

Normal Camping[edit]

When someone and/or their team finds a random place to set up a tent, this is called "Normal Camping," since it is the most common form of camping. A normal camp does not have anything special about it, except for only one (and sometimes two) entrances to that area. If possible, this area will overlook different parts of the map, so as to allow for superb sight-seeing, beautiful views, and possible baby-dropping if enough alcohol is provided.

Spawn Camping[edit]

This type of camping is used outside of the enemy's spawning point. The process of "spawning" in the video game world is where a mother and father has sex, has a baby in the next second, and makes him grow up and put on their gear in the next 4 seconds. As soon as this process is complete and the enemy spawns, everyone gathers around the fire and talks about life, booze, and women. Sexism is not a concern to these people since it is common knowledge that women do not play video games.

A Camper's Equipment[edit]

A camper should be supplied with the following things when they are out camping:

  • An obstacle to hide behind.
  • A shotgun or sniper rifle, or even better, both.
  • Fire wood.
  • Marshmallows.

And they need to be fluent in "1337 speak" to become accepted as a camper. If a camper cannot use "1337 speak," then they will be labeled as a "n00b137" by their fellow comrades.

How Camps Can Die[edit]

Disaster usually occurs for the camp when one of these accidents happen:

  • A hand grenade inadvertently goes off. Known as the leading cause of death among campers.
  • Someone wonders what a stun grenade does and ends up blinding and deafening his fellow campers for a short while. Yelling from the campers can be heard from miles away when they try to communicate to each other for a while after a stun grenade goes off.
  • A vandal with a handgun is quick on the draw.
  • No one else comes around for the campers to take supplies off of them, so they eventually abandon camp, and possibly leave the general surrounding area entirely. The people that stay sometimes starve to death, but during this time, leave their "camp-o-meters" on, which tells them how much time they've been camping.
  • Everyone leaves the area so that they will stop coming in contact with "Spawn Campers."

The first three methods succeed when people try to deal with a camp efficiently, but here are the following methods that people use that fail 100% of the time when vandalizing a camp:

  • Run in front of the camp with handguns drawn shooting hoping to hit something.
  • Complaining about campers until they leave.
  • Telling on them.

Reaction to Campers[edit]

A stereotypical view of the common camper

When someone and or their team destroys a camp full of people, the campers usually respond with "OMG U |-|4><0R H0W U SH00T M3?!?11!", or "ZOMGWTFBBQHAXORBANBAN!!10n3!" and is sometimes followed by a "1|\/| G0NN4 G3T 4DM1N 0N J00!!" l337, or "1337 Speak" is the language of choice for the camper. When a camper faces an unexpected death, it is almost always because the person that caused it is either "ch34ting" or is an "00b3r 1337 h4xx0r." Sometimes, the camper, in this event, promptly says "ur ghey" to the other person.

Sometimes people get in vicious arguments whether or not what they are doing is "cheating" or not. It is best to stay clear of these arguments and people for a short while, because nothing good can happen. These arguments usually consist of "lol u suck n00b," and "get a life asshole." Getting involved in these arguments will only add more fuel to the fire, which will in turn be used to roast more marshmallows.

Camping: Cheating or Strategic?[edit]

Some argue that having the patience to finally get a fire going and keeping it fueled is very difficult work and one that requires patience. Others might even say that "omg its in the game so its allowd so stop complainng n00b." If this argument is somehow debunked by an on-the-ball person, the common response is "omg wel at least i dont spend my time in a videogme forum u lozer!"

Many people think it "takes the fun out of a game," or "it is 'stat boosting.'" It is usually the thought of many people that getting a high rank in an online videogame will indubitably get them laid.